Monday, November 30, 2009

one more week of sheep and it's nasi lemak time!

So I guess I'll just have to survive one more week to finally go home. Man I'm excited. Have TONNES to settle before I return, but I'm SOO excited.

Can't wait to see all you people back in Malaysia! Can't wait to see family, can't wait for good food, can't wait for Christmas, New Year, and CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Can't wait for ang pao's, can't wait for vacations, can't wait for the Singaporeans to come up!

Chee Pang, I saw a Yellow Submarine vinyl record today, but it was a bit expensive. Though of getting it for you! SORRY!

Anyway, I really have to hit the sack or I'll miss the train. AGAIN. Wish me all the best as I kick some RUMP!


Kok Ming said...

Looks like a nice place, or farm. And that you are enjoying yourself at the farm. Mum said better get the Civic in order. Just sent for service and replaced the air cond compressor.

jtiew said...

how did you take self portrait in a farm? someone take for you or use tripod?

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