Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the big switchfoot project

So I got tired. Tired of singing the songs I love out loud on trams, on the streets, in trains, jumpin' around imagining I'm in a movie, imagining I'm filming myself, documenting the ups and downs of my life, my moods, my hypes.

I remember being on a tram, sending out a Facebook message to a bunch of people, talking about a crazy idea, which I REALLY thought noone would be interested in.

Come on, it was stupid, everyone's busy with their lives, and there were too many impossibilities.

To my surprise, everyone was up for it. Excited about it! We got together to plan about it, and we were so hyped up we even decided to have a sleepover at my place so we could film it early the next morning. It was tough to suit everyone's busy schedules, but thank God, it worked out!

So on the SLEEPOVER DAY, one by one, they brought their gears. I was so excited you should've seen my face. I couldn't believe what a bunch of boys could get hold of now a days. The drums, camera, boom mics, mic+stand weren't even ours. Somehow, just somehow, we did it.

It was a night full of anticipation. We set up the instruments and had a lil' jam session. We shot tons of footage. We went out for supper thinking a bunch of macho guys need no sleep.

We slept.

It was tough to wake everyone up, but with the instruments all in place, it wasn't too big of a problem. Everyone got dressed up, asking each other how our hair looked, whether we should leave the first button undone, etc.

Moving the gear into the gardens was not an easy task at all. When everything was set up though, there were a few problems:

1. We weren't sure whether we were allowed to do such a thing in a public place.

2. We couldn't really hear the song to be able to play along with it.

3. Qivin was worried about being a public disturbance. He had to look cool without hitting the drums hard.

4. We ran out of film.

A little talk with the park rangers, a drive to the nearest JB HIFI, and everything was coming together perfectly. We got stares, people asking for photos, and it was one heck of a day.


Editing wise, we had more problems. Big ones. But let me tell you, a dream can never be stopped once you're livin' it.

We take for granted how filmmakers get everything pieced together nowadays. It's not an easy task at all! Yes, there maybe a few glitches. To some, even, this may be boring. But to us, this is REVOLUTIONARY. Never have we done anything at this scale.

So I present to you - AMATEUR LOVERS.

I would highly recommend that you watch this in HD on the Vimeo page itself. It is also available to view on YouTube. Best viewed after full loading.

Dreamer/Video Editor/Lead Vocalist/Guitarist/Lodging/Publicist - Wei Xiong YAP

I try not to give myself too much credit. NOT.

Lead Guitarist - Kuo Hao TAH

Thanks heaps for bringing your ROCKIN' Les Paul + THE SWEETEST ORANGE AMP. You were born to be a rockstar!

Second Guitarist - Jesse MCCARTHY

Thanks for fitting in with us Asians, coming in at the very last minute and rocking out with us.

Bass Guitarist - Dean WERNER

Thanks so much for helping with logistics (OMG THE DRUMS), and making so many trips when I was at the TULIP FARM! 3 cheers for rippin the carpets off your floor.

Drummer - Qivin TANG

Thanks for bringing that wicked mohawk of yours, a killer attitude, and for somehow getting permission to borrow the sweet Yamaha. Also a big thank you for finding a tambourine with Dean.

Video Camera - Alvin WONG

The video speaks for itself. Thanks for helping us get gear, and going all out for this.

Photographers - Theng Wei TAN, Ranjith THOMAS, Louis CHEONG

Thanks for your creativity, the sick shots and your patience.

Violinists - Tse Han TAI, Simon ROBB

Thanks for bringing that violin form the 1800's, Tse Han, and to both of you, your patience. Sittin there under the sun waiting for your scene to be next was just outstanding. You guys did an amazing job!

Lighting - Theng Wei TAN

What can I say, you crazy reflector.

General Assistance - Louis CHEONG

You never fail to give a helping hand. You're a champ!

Thanks to all others who have helped make this happen. I'm sorry if I left anyone out.

It was an experience I'll remember. Forever.


TW said...

only problem with the video is wei xiong's legs too skinny, HAHAH. awesome video!

phgrenadier said...


That was awesome =D

misshermes said...

This is way cool! I love it!

wei xiong said...


thanks! haha skinnies rock


Wow, had a hard time spelling your name! thanks for the comment! Appreciate it! :)


hee heee thanks so much!

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