Thursday, December 24, 2009

ivan c

This is my friend, Chee Pang.

But since he's planning to go into show business, we shall call him IVAN C.

You might have seen him at KLPAC, Mukabuku being among the plays he's been in.

I've been wanting to shoot this actor/model wannabe for ages, but never had a chance. Today, however, we did it. With probably the worst planning for a photoshoot, we headed out to random locations near my home.

So here's his portfolio (he didn't know I was making him one), advertising his clothing line - IVANC (he didn't know he had one either). Enjoy.


smashpOp said...

nice shots.

wei xiong said...


do you know some's from your favourite place?

Liew said...

woooo... kudos man. Nice work. (refering to both modeling and photography work)
-yih khai-

ivan said...

Loving the country side feel.....

wei xiong said...

Yih Khai:

thanks! can't wait for our city trip!

wei xiong said...

ivan: haha din think of that.. we should do more!

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