Saturday, December 26, 2009

busiest Christmas

From setting up the new tree, opening gifts, spending quality time with family and friends, going to SO MANY church services/plays, stuffing my face, to late night suppers, un-chewable sushi, getting facial masks, and singing carols in the car, I had one AMAZING Christmas. It was really a time of celebration. HE's indeed given us so much joy, and it's uber contagious!

Had supper with Daniel Teo and Joshua Yap + Family (I know, random combo) on Peel Road during Christmas eve. City traffic was CRAZY, but since Jalan Silang's shop was closed, this was the alternative. SO YUMMY!

I think the 8feet tree really gave a new breath to the house, compared to that 4feet one we always had. Now our presents could finally be covered under a nice canopy. And decorating the tree with the sis was so much fun!

Blessed Christmas to all, hope you had a great one like I did. God bless!


Liew said...
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Liew said...

nice pics and colors..
looks like time well spent :)

wei xiong said...

hee hee thanks! it was good fun.

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