Thursday, December 31, 2009

a chocolate brownie and some zombies

Hung out at Clare's today and had SOOO much fun with Yih Khai, Jee Lian, Christine, and of course, Clare.

The ride from where they picked me up to the house was epic. You could see it on my dad's face when she almost hit a bike. And us pretending to put on seat belts when we saw the authorities? HILARIOUS. The panic in the air.

Anyway, as all hang out sessions should end, we played Left4Dead 2. So glad we're gonna do it again, and the meal's gonna be on Christine! ALL WE CAN EAT!

I'm eksitated!


Liew said...

whoa awesome... cant wait to get ze pics! confirm awesomest! =D Fun crap lor today... Thanks u four. Was fun. except running after a moving car that didnt want to let me in.. bleh.. haha. watermelonnn!!!! And it's ALWAYS jee and cla.. chris finally succumbed too! LOL! I hope Monday happens .... =))

cheers guyz..

P/S: you 3 girls forgot to pay for LUNCH la! HAHA... 10 bucks oni dun worry.
P/P/S: L4D2 rockssocks!

Christine said...

yeah, today was epic! was crazy fun! i enjoyed myself so much. felt so good to be able to let lose and be so carefree with y'all!

haha, the moving car was brilliant xiong ko's idea! with the splashing of water! and and... watermelon! i felt bad for the two girls, that's why i sacrificed myself. HAHA! *winks*

MONDAY MUST HAPPEN! liew, i give you back your dough on monday! ;)

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