Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ahh, after stopping by One Utama and Centrepoint, we decided that it was either too crowded or too boring to stay for long. We soon found a sanctuary - WONDERMILK at Damansara Uptown.

It's definitely a change from the usual kopitiam's, something very much like what we would get in Melbourne. I love it!

The prices may be a bit steep, but every once in a while, it's good to be able to kick back with friends at a place like this. Besides, where else can you find such ambience? I love the fact that they also sell lotsa junk. From T-shirts to Diana F+ cameras.

You may have observed that we all look pretty serious while enjoying cupcakes, and that I have huge ears.

I realise I sound a bit like I'm doing an advertorial, but I guess it's only because the coffee here is arguably as good as it gets here in KL, and THAT IS A RARE FIND! It could, however, also be the worst in Melbourne, but at least it's not STARBUCKS! What I found is that they're using the right milk (those in blue and magenta boxes, I forgot what they're called). It is, in my opinion, the best milk in KL supermarkets.

They are also using a good tamper, serving their coffee at the right volume, and at a reasonable temperature. It would have been better if the barista had tampered the grinds slightly harder, and improved the steamed milk by hitting+swirling the jug a little.

Plus, the cupcakes were glorious (but expensive), the mood was great, and free wifi never hurt anyone. I'm up for seconds!


cyan_loh said...

I'm a HUGE (yes, with caplocks..hee) fan of wondermilk!! Awesome stuffs they have there :) Next time when you make a trip there, try out their beef rasher sandwiche and butter scotch milk(if only you are not low lactose tolerance)
Spell yummy!

wei xiong said...

WOW! haha.. will do! thanks for the heads up!

cyan_loh said...

Hahaa.. yea, found a lil similiarities here and there! Geez, creepy though. Haha. I was blog hopping, stumbled upon your link at sarah's blog, thats why :)
Only macarons at mel? Awww man. BOO :S

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