Saturday, December 19, 2009

video teaser [3 days to go]

Watch out for a fresh new video right here on on 22 DECEMBER 2009!

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You may download the official poster HERE

[Photos courtesy of Ranjith Thomas]


Hung out with my highschool mates today, playing Band Hero at SS2, then ZOMBIELAND (OMG SO RECOMMENDED) at Tropicana City Mall, ending with head-spinnin' rounds of Left4Dead 2. We hung out for a good 12 hours together, that's pretty amazing.

It was my first time at Tropicana City Mall, we all contributed to the RM2 needed to get on that ride. All 6 of us.

Also had a blast with CheePang and Christine yesterday at Red Box and around Taman Tun. When you put 3 extroverts with the Red Bull kinda energy together, you'll find yourselves constantly being stared at.

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