Saturday, January 23, 2010

dinawan island, what a crappy name

So my cousin got us 4 tickets to an exclusive island. Apparently only one travel agency can get you there - Exotic Borneo. Okay, the place wasn't that great, bad maintenance. But I had fun anyway, snorkeling was free, there was a buffet lunch, and the 30 minute boat ride to the island was pretty fun.

Didn't know that my dad knew about the rule of thirds when he took this shot.

It was a good place to just take off your slippers and run around, lie in the hammock, and play under the sun. Too bad KK didn't get a lot of sun while we were there.

We did so many jump shots we almost had to pay smashpOp some royalty.

Snorkeling was okay. It was my second time, and it's good to learn how to snorkel here like my sister did because you can walk around in the water, it's pretty shallow. But there were so many fishes swimming around us, the coral reef was pretty impressive too.

I must admit, when I did this shot, I almost broke my Havi's. :s

I was trying to do a jump shot here but lost my balance. Sigh, fail.

Since Poyo was gaining fame, sis wanted her penguin to be exposed too.

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