Tuesday, January 19, 2010

in loving memory of amber

I was 10. I remember begging dad for a dog.

In the month of September 1998, we went to SPCA and chose her, put her in a box and brought her home. She was a puppy then. We didn't know when she was born, but celebrated her birthday on Merdeka day each year, August 31st.

We've only just returned from a 4 day vacation. My dad went in the kitchen and came out with his hand on his head.

"Amber is dead"

I was frozen in shock.

I miss the way you'd come to me when I call, and when you don't. I miss the way you'd cuddle in between my legs and sit down so I can pat you. I miss our tug-o-wars. I love how you'd sit upon command eventhough we never really trained you. I miss the way our food in the kitchen disappears.

You'll always be remembered. We love you.


Bboy Rice said...

it's an heartache to see your dog pass away, may she rest in peace, and hope you'll feel better soon k.. :)

wei xiong said...

thanks bro! i see you're a dog lover too!

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