Monday, January 18, 2010

kota kinabalu day 2 - colgate total care

It was still raining. And if we asians can't do much, we eat.

We had tea at Kedai Kopi 10, Lintas Plaza. They have so many different types of buns, and the POLO BAO is a must try!

I also had their Char Siu Bao.

Highly addictive.

Anyways, here's the hotel we stayed at for the first 2 nights. The Promenade Hotel.

Now what my family didn't know was this..

Apparently Hyatt and Promenade are famous for.. This. I usually don't have any problems with them, until they get dodgy towards me. With the blocked nose I've been having for weeks, I thought it might be good for me to clear my airways in the steam room. BAD IDEA. The first visit gave me a clue, but I was silly enough to go back the next day and almost got touched. FOR REAL! Thank God for fast reflexes. My dad was so disgusted we moved out. It was PUH-REETY traumatizing. SO PLEASE, do not visit these 2 hotels if you are in Kota Kinabalu.

That night, we went to Little Italy, a very famous restaurant here at KK. That's my cousin in the photo.

I saw something that caught my eye in the menu, and of course, I ordered it.

Spaghetti in squid ink. I didn't expect it to be THIS dark. Everything was black, including the 5 kinds of seafood in that dish.

It was pretty darn interesting. It tasted kinda oriental, and really makes you kinda goth with every bite.

It was almost like a toothpaste advert.

Of course, if it went in black, it came out 100% NOIR too. The food was pretty good, although nothing compared to Lygon Street.

When I heard that the boss/chef was Italian, I knew I had to try the coffee.

No good. And who serves a double espresso in a big cup like that? BAD.

And so that ended my night pretty interestingly, Poyo definitely enjoyed himself. It was still raining all the way.

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