Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ivan meets sarah

Last night, I went to Desa Parkcity to chill cuz Sarah got her new D90! I called Ivan out too, and it's just silly cuz we kept getting guards trying to stop us. How is it possible that the management does not allow photographs at the lake? But we had fun anyway.

Cool how the photo above was done without putting 2 photos together. Go figure.

It was the first time they've met each other, funny how we can gel. I even went back again just now with Ivan, and we talked by the pool. About nothing. The guards were keeping an eye on us, pretty annoying stuff.

Good times.


Sarah said...

hello mine are damn unglam also. haha.

wei xiong said...

no i think they look cool

Pei_Lu said...

HAHAH Awsome pics :D
Did u get inspired from zillieman :p (Love his style too)
Did a great job :D

Colin said...

interesting shots. I am sue you can go even further if you wanted. Let your passion take you wherever you wish to go. It'll take skills and patients with a lot of learning. Without doubt, it's going be a FUN journey. ;p.

wei xiong said...


thanks. it's a shock if someone doesn't get inspired by his photos, he's phenomenal.


Hi. Are you Colin chen? or another Colin?

Colin said...

colin chen...the one on only...WHITE HAIR DUDE!

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