Monday, January 11, 2010

the 5 karats

Wow, I can't believe I'm holding back from blogging twice a day, it's amazing! I don't get as much material in Melbourne as I do here. Somehow. It's prolly due to the amount of free time and crazy friends I have.

Last week, blog traffic was outstanding! I'd love to thank each and everyone of you, but I don't know who you are.

Anyhoos, last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of jamming (for the first time, thank you very much) with Yih Khai (drummer) who spends most of his student life rotting at Cyberjaya (or Cyberia as he calls it), his brother Ern Khai (Guitarist), Ji Wen aka Jive (Guitarist), and Kenneth (Bassist). We did it at Akarkarya, Damansara Utama.

I had SOO much fun! Although the room was terribly small, we still enjoyed ourselves and I nearly vomited my uvula trying to hear myself over all the noise. Ok not noise, music.

I took so many videos and only had space for one photo. Sadly all the videos tak laku since my mic wasn't made to record sound at 1298593082904 dB.

Here's one of the videos where we can actually here something other than static, and it's because it was jazz. It wasn't in our song list, but it was one of the best moments. Although at that time, my throat was ready to retire at 21.

So here you go.

Oh, by the way, my buddy Alvin in Melbourne is doing a twitter giveaway. Unlike Scott Bourne's giveaways, this is actually something tangible. So do hop on over to the website to know more about a free photoshoot!

PS: All claims regarding Scott Bourne are fictional.

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Alvin said...

LOVE the t-shirt man! And yes. The giveaway are not fictional! haha and YOU are going to help me decide on a winner for the last week. u reckon u can do that?

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