Thursday, January 14, 2010

silly billy illy

Sigh, just when you think you've found the best coffee in Malaysia...

...the Bangsar Village outlet disappoints you. Still, kudos for the latte art. I guess it's because the last time I had their coffee, it only had a tiny amount of milk. When you order something like a latte, it really shows you how crappy different the milk here in Malaysia is.

But it is still, I guess, the best you can get in Malaysia. They're really doing a good job. If you'd like to try it out, you're better off going to the one in Pavilion.

Anyhoo, our friends from Singapore came to visit.

Can you believe this Firefly drink costs RM17?


smashpOp said...

i see ur red shirt fren using the ol skool sonyericsson k750 hehe

wei xiong said...

hmm dunno whether it's that phone.. eh did you realise something funny? the girls camwhore only can fit 2 ppl.. we camwhore can fit 3048204953 people plus extra space. :p

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