Sunday, January 17, 2010

kota kinabalu day 2 - bread and beach

If it wasn't pouring, it was drizzling. We went to Tanjung Aru Beach to have a look see. Nothing much to do during such weather conditions, but the Asians will always do what they do best.

The beach was kinda dirty, with teh tarik for sea water. But it was good to feel the breeze and breathe in that salty air once again.

Oh, on a random note, what I realised about the people here is that they generally look better. They dress better, ie less LALA. It's a good thing.

Looks like the saying is true about raining cats and dogs.

We went to this coffee shop for lunch - FU YUAN, at Damai Plaza. If I am not mistaken.

Other than the awesome drinks they serve (apparently that fat Hong Kong chef guy has been here before), they are also famous for their bread.

Now I'm not usually a big fan of bread. I like the idea of buying it, but I usually kinda let it mould in Melbourne. Bad.

But the bread here was.. Like.. Eating kaya and a slab of cold butter during their WEDDING while they were being sandwiched between feathers. I know. Sounds weird.

But the bread was SO SOFT! It's called 冷牛油面包 (cold butter bread) for obvious reasons. But seriously. It was SOOO good.

Other than that we had Sibu's Kampua Mee, Char Zhu Mian, Kuching Laksa, etc.

My Sabah vacation's just starting to get interesting. I had more bread today, and some Italian food to end the day. But for now, I won't let Streamyx suffer.

I'm ashamed to blog about the hotel breakfast buffet.

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Cedric Ang said...

Why you stalk on cute boys now ha?

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