Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kota Kinabalu (Day 1)

Ahh, it's been ages since I've wanted a real holiday. I haven't been to KK since I was.. I dunno, really young. I just came back from dinner at this place called UPPERSTAR, they offer western and local cuisine, and lotsa booze.

I had the chicken chop, it was okay. Place was nice, prices were low, it's no wonder they had a full house.

It was really funny when I updated my status on Facebook earlier today. I was very happy with Airport staff greeting us with smiles and "Selamat Pagi", so I put it up on Facebook.

I'm at the hotel lobby now since there's free wifi here and not in the room. The hotel is called Promenade. Some kid just came over and watch me blog.

Lobby looks pretty okay, but the rooms are kinda.. old. And smells like lung cancer.

We didn't do anything other than eating today, since it has been pouring non stop. Hopefully the weather changes for the better tomorrow. In the mean time, I need to catch up on some sleep and get rid of this annoying cough/flu thingamajig.

Honey lime panas forever.

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