Saturday, January 9, 2010

taylor's college, rekindled


December 30, 2009. I went back to Taylor's College, or now, a UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. My sister was applying for her visa, and I had the pleasure to walk around to see what has changed, and what hadn't.

We had our photo up on the wall in the placement centre, as everyone in my family except for Mom had studied at Taylor's College.

I had a walk around while she was busy with her online application, and almost everything has changed. Fortunately, a few remained the same. I've uploaded an album onto Facebook (my personal account) for you to see with your own eyes. But for now, I shall talk about today's awards ceremony.

Usually, I wouldn't post a day like this up on my blog, as there was no form of creativity involved in shooting a function like this. But I guess 3 things have changed my usual paradigm.


I would like you to note how frustrated I am with the amount of people owning DSLR's these days. Young and old, they all have one. Even the "professionals" are equipped with the sophisticated 18-55mm. Nothing against Canon them, as long as they produce good photos. I must say, I haven't seen any of them, so I will not judge.

But I'm sure my fellow photographers are just as frustrated, knowing that we used to be part of a "special" elite group, making outstanding photographs for the world to see. Now, every Tom, Dick and Ah Beng owns one.

Shaky photos? CHECK!

Live View? CHECK!

Okay, stop judging. Stop judging. Bad Wei Xiong! Bad boy!

Of course, some parents are serious about it. REALLY serious. With a capital "L", if you know what I mean.


My sister got straight A's. Good enough a reason, I'm sure!

Congrats, YING!



Sadly, I couldn't find Pn Mahani, G6's mentor. What's even more depressing was that they have all forgotten me. :( I don't blame them, 2006 was a long time ago.

Thankfully, Ms Ng remembered me. Just not my name. My family and I had a long chat with her over lunch, and all the good ol' memories started pouring into my head.

But of course, I had no space left in my gut for lunch, as something else had won my heart for breakfast.

Surprisingly, the usual guy behind the counter remembers me.

Can't wait for the next reunion guys, we need to keep it up! Our last one consisted of merely 3 people. Yes. 3.

Once again. I have nothing against Canon users.


jtiew said...

haha all these canon people. btw, i kinda like nikon's ability to produce better contrasted jpgs, in particular the D90. Sigh...

TW said...

sadly that leaves you only chase jarvis, hahaha.

I LIKE HOW U OBLITERATED MS KEES, and she would NOT remember you by name

Alvin said...

I like how you have to justify and I quote "I have nothing against canon users!" hahaha funniest thing every! the whole post i just have TW running in my mind! LOL

KiNn said...

LOL that parent with the L glass is totally cool.

TW said...

eh,both the cameras do take photos

SOOKYEN said...

when you mentioned reunion, u mean g6 reunion? maybe we should have one again. the last i remembered was last year?

wei xiong said...

jtiew: "the best camera is the one that's with you"

-Chase Jarvis

You take some pretty sick shots yourself man!

TW: yea i totally forgot about her. oh well.

Alvin: no victims here. we love everyone here at


KiNn: i noe rite? jeles.

SOOKYEN: the last time TW asked for one, only him, sara and I were there.

Colin said...

I didn't mr ng was your lecturer. He's pretty interesting...Haha...Oh yes, if you're willing to buy a 70-200mm telephoto L(canon users are good...fine it depends on the user), you bet they're into photography. I doubt they're as style focused as you.Then again, you never know what they do for a living. Haha...

wei xiong said...


Yea lo maybe that parent's a sports journalist.. WOOT!

Colin said...

that'll be like...*drool*. Indoor performance lenses....

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